Who We Are

Founded on 1967, the Grupo Panvel is currently involved in three lines of business: the Panvel pharmacy chain, the drugs and hygiene & beauty products distributor Dimed, and the laboratory Lifar. In its more than 50 years of existence, the Group has always carried in its DNA a focus on excellence in its services and on consistent growth. Over the years, it has incorporated features such as innovation, social responsibility and constant learning, the legacy of its founders which have been in evidence throughout its history.

Panvel Drugstore Chain

The Panvel drugstore chain, which now has more than 500 stores in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná and São Paulo, offers more than 15,000 items of drugs and hygiene & beauty products. Guided always by the group’s DNA and purpose, the Panvel name is today synonymous with innovation in its field, and a benchmark for online transactions, with a robust digital platform for pharmaceutical retailing, operating an omnichannel format since 2015.

Dimed – Pharmaceutical Distributor

Dimed is now one of the leading drug distributors in Brazil and a pioneer in its segment. Focusing mainly on supporting the operations of Panvel, it has two distribution centers, in the cities of Eldorado do Sul/RS and São José dos Pinhais/PR, strategically located to maximize efficiency, combining the best results in efficiency and service, also for large clients in the regions where it operates

Lifar – Development and Manufacturing Laboratory

Lifar is involved in developing and manufacturing cosmetics, drugs and foodstuffs, including products for major brands here in Brazil and abroad, as well as making approximately one-third of the products which Panvel sells under its own label. In line with the Grupo Panvel business principles, Lifar is always innovating, and the products it makes are high-quality. It is recognized in its segment for its expertise in dermocosmetics, sunscreens, facial care, aroma diffusers, and cosmetics for everyday use.

Growth and Governance

With a sound and efficient operating structure consisting of companies that seek constant growth and prominence in their segments, the Dimed Group has recently advanced to a major growth and transformation phase. With its original IPO dating back to 1977, in July 2020, the Grupo Panvel successfully completed a Re-IPO and is now listed on B3 Novo Mercado. Our operations and business management have always been underpinned by the best corporate governance rules and by social and environmental responsibility, focused on solid, consistent growth without losing sight of our DNA, our Mission, or our Values.

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