• 2022

The Grupo Dimed is renamed Grupo Panvel.

  • 2021

Launch of the Todos Bem Platform, the Group’s sustainability platform that focuses on ESG commitments and initiatives.

Panvel Day, the company’s first event aimed at investors: expansion and focus on investments in innovation, technology, health ecosystems and the consolidation of the ESG strategy.

  • 2020

Panvel opens promotional stores, reaching new audience clusters, especially in central regions with high population density. In the same year, the Group carried out its follow-on, bringing new resources to its cash that will allow for the acceleration of investments in stores, logistics and technology. It is a new stage in the relationship with the capital market that brings important advances in the company’s Governance. Another important milestone is the inauguration of photovoltaic plants, initiating the search for a commitment that all energy consumed in Panvel stores comes from a clean and sustainable source.

  • 2019

Launch of Bem Panvel, a consumer relationship program, guaranteeing special prices and discounts.

  • 2018

Panvel is the first pharmacy chain in the south of the country to be able to apply vaccines in its stores. The flu vaccine marks the company’s permanent entry into this market.

  • 2016

Launch of the Panvel smartphone app, available for iOS and Android. Panvel opens physical store in São Paulo.

  • 2015

Launch of Panvel Clinic, a new way of offering pharmaceutical services – the pharmacy becoming a health hub.

  • 2014

The Grupo Dimed is formally institutionalized. The Group’s headquarters are opened in Eldorado do Sul (RS), including a new Distribution Center and Administrative Area.

  • 2010

Expanding: Panvel enters the Paraná market with 03 stores. Panvel creates the Destino Certo program, preventing expired or unused medicines from being discarded in inappropriate places.

  • 2008

Panvel launches Troco Amigo: the change donated by customers of the pharmacy chain benefits hospitals and entities.

Panvel launches, in Porto Alegre, the Panvel Megastore on 24 de Outubro, a concept store specializing in well-being and beauty. And Panvel Bem-Estar, the first pharmacy specializing in diabetics, orthopedics and fitness. The loyalty program with exclusive discounts is also launched.

  • 2006

Attentive to sustainability issues, Panvel is the first company to issue electronic invoices in Brazil.

  • 2004

Laboratory Lifar wins the Certificate of Good Practices, granted by ANVISA.

  • 2001

Dimed launches the 1st electronic ordering system for wholesale purchases, E-Dimed.

  • 1998

Panvel opens its Online Store (www.panvel.com).

  • 1994

Launch of the Alô Panvel tele-delivery service.

  • 1989

Launch of its own line of Panvel products.

  • 1980

Dimed Distribuidora opens a distribution center in Santa Catarina. Still in the 1980s, the state of Santa Catarina received the first Panvel store.

  • 1977

Panvel shares begin to be traded on the Stock Exchange.

  • 1973

Panvel Farmácias is born, the result of the alliance between the Panitz and Velgos.

  • 1969

The Rede Panitz, which owns the Lifar Laboratory, and the Rede Velgos, which owns the Sanitas Laboratory, come together to create the Lifar Laboratory.

  • 1967

The two largest pharmacy chains in RS, Panitz and Velgos, create a drug purchase center, Dimed Distribuidora de Medicamentos Ltda. .