Dimed Distributor

The story of Dimed began on September 21, 1967, when the two largest chains of drugstores in Rio Grande do Sul, Panitz and Velgos, were united in a Joint Venture, setting up a procurement and logistics center to supply the networks and other customers in the region. Now one of the leading drug distributors in Brazil and a pioneer in its segment, focusing mainly on supporting the operations of Panvel, it has two distribution centers, in the cities of Eldorado do Sul/RS and São José dos Pinhais/PR, strategically located to maximize efficiency. The DCs serve the current Panvel network and will be able to absorb the planned expansion, as well as supplying major regional customers.

The operational excellence of Dimed is based on its structure. With constant investment, Dimed ensures availability, frequency and accuracy in the services it provides to its customers. It is a pleasure for us to provide our customers with the resources that make our company one of the leaders in our field, namely:

  • Two Distribution Centers, one in Rio Grande do Sul and one in Paraná;
  • Distribution Centers in Eldorado do Sul and São José dos Pinhais, which are equipped with cutting edge Knapp technology from Austria;
  • 800 employees;
  • 240 vehicles;
  • Daily deliveries;
  • Computerized processes (ensuring integration with the customer to meet specific requirements);
  • 7,000 customers in the Southern Region;

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